Video Testimonials

Testimonials from Businesses
Business Brandon (Proactive & Earning Trust).m4v
Business Owner Fort Smith (Delegating).m4v
Business Owner Fort Smith (Empowered Employees).m4v
Business Owner Little Bras D'Or (Importance of documentation).m4v
Business Owner Neepawa (Tools of engagement).m4v
Business Owner North Bay (Giving us a place to go).m4v
Business Owner Okanagan (Framework and Structure).m4v
Business Owner Okanagan (The Manual & Strategic Planning).m4v
Business Owner Rutherglen (Time well spent).m4v
Business Owner Seddon's Corner (A different perspective).m4v
Business Owner Visions Little Bras D'Or (HR Policies and Procedures Manual).m4v
Business Owner Whiteshell (Guidelines and Professional Development).m4v
Business Owner Whiteshell (Putting it down on paper).m4v
Business Sydney (Fundamental questions).m4v

Testimonials from a General Manager
CF General Manager & Project Agent Central Island (Recognizing the Importance).m4v
CF General Manager and Project Agent (Excellent Opportunity).m4v
CF General Manager Okanagan (Proud Participant).m4v
CF General Manager Okanagan (Timely Tools).m4v

CFDC Executive Director & Project Agent Pat (Opportunities for CF's).m4v

Testimonials from Agents
Project Agent Okanagan (Planning for Growth).m4v
Project Agent Okanagan (Rolling out the tools).m4v
Project Agent Sydney Mines (Building trust and communication with staff).m4v
Project Agent (The one on one approach).wmv
Project Agent (Getting to the next level).m4v
Project Agent (Expanding the business).wmv



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